Sorted AscendingTitleDateArtists Object Number
Alone, alone, all, all aloneca. 1970Patrick Procktor1980/1.73.8
And cursed me with his eyeca. 1970Patrick Procktor1980/1.73.6
And ice, mast high, came floating byca. 1970Patrick Procktor1980/1.73.2
And the twain were casting diceca. 1970Patrick Procktor1980/1.73.5
And they all dead did lieca. 1970Patrick Procktor1980/1.73.7
I watched the water snakesca. 1970Patrick Procktor1980/1.73.9
It was he that made the ship to goca. 1970Patrick Procktor1980/1.73.11
Samuel Taylor Coleridgeca. 1970Patrick Procktor1980/1.73.1
The dead men gave a groanca. 1970Patrick Procktor1980/1.73.10
The western wave was all aflameca. 1970Patrick Procktor1980/1.73.4