TitleDateSorted AscendingArtists Object Number
Off to the Office1968David Fraiser Driesbach1971/2.19
Man on a Tricycle1968David Fraiser Driesbach1968/9.91
Tuxedo 5-12341974David Fraiser Driesbach1973/4.65
Lights Out! Dr. Johnson1966David Fraiser Driesbach1968/9.23
To Banberry Cross1971David Fraiser Driesbach1985/6.13
All Children Must be Accompanied by Adults1971David Fraiser Driesbach1972/3.26
Girl with a Cream La La1970David Fraiser Driesbach1970/1.50
A Sip of Honey1968David Fraiser Driesbach1971/2.20
The Aristocrats1968David Fraiser Driesbach1971/2.21
Work 24 Hours Per Day1968David Fraiser Driesbach1968/9.24