TitleDateSorted AscendingArtists Object Number
Untitled (Owl and stand)1957Pablo Ruiz y Picasso1983/4.28
Flying Dove1952Pablo Ruiz y Picasso1983/4.27
Sculptor and Kneeling Model1933Pablo Ruiz y Picasso1989/90.37
Pigeon1959Pablo Ruiz y Picasso1981/2.94
(Head of a Woman)1948Pablo Ruiz y Picasso1960/1.380
Dance of the Fauns1957Pablo Ruiz y Picasso1972/3.8
Sculptor Seated by a Window, Working from Model1933Pablo Ruiz y Picasso1960/1.307
Nude Model and Sculptures1933Pablo Ruiz y Picasso1990/1.26
Untitled1970Pablo Ruiz y Picasso2000.38
Tête d'Homme à la Pipe1912Pablo Ruiz y Picasso2013.46