TitleSorted AscendingDateArtists Object Number
Still Life with Fruit and Bird’s Nestn.d.Severin Roesen2013.21
Mars, Venus and Vulcan: The Forge of Vulcan1754John Singleton Copley2013.20
The Reverend Joseph Pilmoreca. 1787Charles Willson Peale2004.8
(Landscape with River View)1800-1900Unknown, American1987/8.19
George Washington1838-1844, carving after 1844Hiram Powers2012.52
The Rocky Dellca. 1845-1894Unknown, American1964/5.954
Media File (Landscape with View of Harbor)ca. 1850-1880Robert Hopkin1987/8.6
Union Army Encampmentca. 1860Johann Mongels Culverhouse2006.66
The Great Republic1861William Gay Yorke2008.17
Boyhood of Lincoln1867Eastman Johnson2009.109