TitleDateSorted AscendingArtists Object Number
Nude in Bed1978Sigmund M. Abeles1979/80.5
Saddle/Soap1972Sigmund M. Abeles1973/4.21
Space Issue #3, Northwood1978Sigmund M. Abeles1981/2.11
Paul, Master Printer1978Sigmund M. Abeles1979/80.7
Asleep in Italy1977Sigmund M. Abeles1977/8.64
Pietra Santa Carver1977Sigmund M. Abeles1977/8.66
Self-Portrait with Saddles1972Sigmund M. Abeles1973/4.22
Print Dealer (John Wilson of Lakeside Studio, Lakeside, MI)1979Sigmund M. Abeles1980/1.5
Woman with Cat1973Sigmund M. Abeles1974/5.13
Princeton Nude1977Sigmund M. Abeles1978/9.37