TitleSorted AscendingDateArtists Object Number
Ritual Tripod Food VesselLate 8th - early 7th century BCUnknown, Chinese2012.17
Skull Mask (lor)n.d.Unknown, Oceanic2002.24
Hair Ornament from a Flute Figure (manyan)n.d.Unknown, Oceanic2002.25
Black-glazed "Oil Spot" Bowl13th centuryUnknown, Chinese2011.16
Bamana Chiwara Antelope Headdress20th centuryUnknown, African2009.94
Anthropomorphic PendantA. D. 800-1500Unknown, Costa Rican2002.8.1
Necklace of Seven Frogs800-1500Unknown, Panamanian2002.8.5
Pectoral OrnamentA. D. 800-1500Unknown, Panamanian2002.8.13
Double Figure Pendant800-1500Unknown, Panamanian2002.8.17
Photo courtesy of the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Junyao splashed bowl900-1279 CEUnknown, Chinese2008.9