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The Trumpeters and Standard Bearers
Date: 1599
Culture: Italian
Dimensions: sheet: 14 1/4 x 15 in. (36.2 x 38.1 cm)
Medium: chiaroscuro woodcut
Credit Line: Purchased with funds given by John Loring
Label Text: This print is part of a series entitled, Triumph of Caesar, which was originally painted as large murals by Andrea Mantegna for the Gonzaga family’s Palazzo Ducale di Mantova in the late 1400s. Later, the murals were copied in a series of grisaille (grey) paintings by Francesco Malpizzi and in 1599 Andrea Andreani created a set of chiaroscuro woodcuts from the grisaille paintings. Andrea Andreani’s Triumph of Caesar was available in several color schemes, including grey and orange. Each chiaroscuro sheet included a range of shades of a single hue, one for each tone block, which combined to give the final image a great sense of depth and the appearance of a drawing. Originally, the set of woodcuts was issued with a set of columns (missing from the KIA’s works) to cut out and paste over the seams in the assembled frieze to mimic the layout of the original paintings.
Object Number: 2015.50
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