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Date: 2000
Dimensions: image: 26 in. x 30 1/4 in. (66 x 76.8 cm) frame: 36 x 39 3/4 x 1 1/2 in. (91.4 x 101 x 3.8 cm)
Medium: color screenprint
Credit Line: Gift of Tom and Donna Lambert
Label Text: "This screenprint reproduces Hodgkin’s 1995-97 oil painting of the same title. Our sight is flooded with striking colors and bold, gestural brushwork. Many aspects of Hodgkin’s imagery such as his dynamic palette, sensitivity to textures, and the interplay of complicated patterns have been attributed to qualities that attracted him to India. He visited the country almost annually for the last fifty years of his life. The vibrancy of its culture and richness of the landscape attracted and inspired him. He channeled those emotions creatively into compositions that in turn were intended to stimulate our senses and feelings. Screenprint is a terrific medium for capturing the richness of Hodgkin’s color. It cannot accurately convey the true texture of the brushwork in the original oil painting but it does adequately suggest its importance as a fundamental component of this image. This screenprint was issued by the List Art Project of Lincoln Center which commissions print editions to generate funding for the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts (written by Nancy Sojka for Passion on Paper: Masterly Prints from the KIA Collection, 2018)."
Object Number: 2012.44
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