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Woman with Coffee Pot
Date: 1958
Dimensions: image: 39 1/2 x 53 1/4 in. (100.3 x 135.3 cm) frame: 43 1/2 x 57 x 2 in. (110.5 x 144.8 x 5.1 cm)
Medium: oil on canvas
Credit Line: Director's Fund Purchase
Label Text: David Park once remarked that “paintings should be difficult.” In Woman with Coffeepot, the “difficulty” arises from the tension created between recognizable subject matter and the artist’s concern with the expressive possibilities of paint. For example, the arms and hands of the woman are realistic enough to convey the form and gesture of an everyday activity, and yet the face is a mask-like creation resulting from a few bold brushstrokes. This painting received national attention when it appeared in a 1962 issue of Life magazine with a caption noting that “The act of pouring coffee is monumentalized in David Park’s painting. By obliterating details, he made the gesture take on the gravity of a rite.”
Object Number: 1968/9.88
Currently not on view